Beast Academy 1A

By Art of Problem Solving

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Curriculum details

  • Aug 5, 2024 - Oct 25, 2024
  • One page per day


Beast Academy is Art of Problem Solving's curriculum for grades one through five. Textbooks are in a comic / storybook format (about a school for monsters) and episodes introduce concepts that are then practiced in the workbook.

Despite the playful presentation, Art of Problem Solving is a rigorous curriculum (often used to prepare for math competitions) whose approach focuses on understanding underlying concepts, rather than memorizing mechanics.

The first grade curriculum books combine textbook and workbook into one volume. You can realize cost savings by purchasing the full first grade set (books 1A through 1D) in a single set (available on Amazon at if you prefer.

Beast Academy also offers an interactive online platform,, which provides online instruction, additional practice in a gamelike format, and the option to enroll in live instructor-led classes.

It is fine to go over the workbook exercises orally in the first month or two if your child is not yet comfortable with writing numbers.