Project time

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Curriculum details

  • Other
  • Core curriculum
  • Fifth grade to eighth grade
  • Aug 5, 2024 - Jul 25, 2025
  • One hour per day


Allow at least one hour per day for your child to work on a project of his or her choice. Any educational or creative endeavor that has a tangible result can qualify as a project. Examples include:

- Taking an online course to learn a new skill
- Programming a Lego Mindstorms robot
- Cooking a meal
- Writing a comic strip
- Any kind of art project
- Organizing a bake sale
- Building a miniature house
- Working on a blog or personal website

Activities that don't qualify include pure recreation, watching videos or reading (unless part of a project to learn a new skill), and scheduled extracurricular activities. Beyond that, we suggest that you allow your child the freedom to choose whatever strikes his fancy.