Life of Fred Book 1: Apples

By Stanley Schmidt

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Curriculum details

  • Math
  • Optional
  • First grade
  • August to November


The Life of Fred is a fun math textbook series in which math concepts are presented in the framework of a humorous story about a character named Fred.

While some homeschoolers use this series as their only math curriculum, we feel that the elementary grade books do not provide enough practice to qualify as a rigorous stand-alone math program. However, The Life of Fred works wonderfully as a supplement that kids will enjoy reading to learn how math concepts are applied in everyday life.

Books are not consumable, and the elementary series is available in many libraries. Books should be completed in order, as each builds on concepts taught in previous books.

The elementary series is recommended for grades one through four and contains ten books, each with 18 or 19 chapters. If you complete one chapter per week, each book can be finished in about four months.