The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading

By Jessie Wise

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Curriculum details

  • Reading Skills
  • Core curriculum
  • Kindergarten
  • Aug 5, 2024 - Aug 1, 2025
  • One lesson per day


This comprehensive phonics-based book is all you need to teach your child to read. It contains 231 lessons, each designed to be completed within five to ten minutes.

We recommend incorporating brief twice-daily reading lessons into your homeschool routine at the kindergarten level. One of the lessons should use this book. For the other lesson, have the child read aloud from a "real" book at his or her reading level (starting with the Bob Books series, also included in the curriculum). Lessons should start at five to ten minutes in length, then gradually be lengthened depending on your child's attention span.

At this level and until your child is reading fluently, we don't recommend formal instruction in writing, spelling or math. Instead, spend lots of time reading to your child to establish a strong verbal foundation and an enjoyment of books. Once your child is reading easily, he or she will be well equipped to begin first-grade work.