Physics and Our Universe

By Great Courses

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Curriculum details

  • Physics
  • Core curriculum
  • Eleventh grade
  • Aug 5, 2024 - Feb 28, 2025
  • 60 credit hours


The Great Courses is a collection of courses on a variety of topics, taught by renowned professors and other experts. Courses consist of a series of half-hour video lectures which are comparable to those of introductory university courses.

Great Courses can be pricey if purchased individually, but a subscription to the entire Great Courses Signature Collection (including this course) can be added to an Amazon Prime account for less than $10 per month. Many Great Courses are also available from public libraries. We recommend having the student browse the available courses and take any that are of interest, in addition to those included in the Great Books Homeschool curriculum.

This is a comprehensive course in physics for advanced high school students who have completed Algebra 1 or higher. It consists of 60 lectures, and can be completed in seven months at a rate of two lectures per week.

Practice problems are assigned during most lectures. Make sure to complete these in addition to watching the lectures.